Solution Consulting Solution Consulting

We believe the ultimate goal is not merely introducing equipment but enabling our customers to autonomously improve the mounting quality when installing it. Therefore, we directly engage with those facing challenges and offer solutions as partners, aiming to establish an enhanced quality system for mountings.

Online Consulting [ Clarify issues ]

Online Consulting

CORES’ consultants will listen to your concerns, themes, samples, and budget, and propose equipment and applications tailored to your objectives. Using online communication tools, we will walk you through our recommendations.


Application Verification [ Solution Planning ]


We will conduct application verification of your samples based on the information gathered during the discussion. We will ask you to prepare samples and temperature profiles for verification.


Demo [ Proof of Value ]


We will provide a detailed explanation of the equipment and give a demonstration with your samples using the actual equipment to confirm that we can perform the analysis and testing that meets your objectives. You can confirm this either in our laboratory or online.


Introduction and Support

Introduction and Support

CORES will handle the installation and provide training, enabling you to implement the solution on your own when desired. After installation, we will help you incorporate the solution into your engineering style.


At CORES Lab, we accept samples and conduct demonstrations using actual equipment. We not simply check the specifications or functions – solution consultants will also focus on whether or not the desired analysis could be performed together.

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Sales AreaAreas where equipment is available for purchase

CORES sells only in areas with the following support system to ensure customers can continue utilizing our product without problems after installation. CORES engineers and trained, licensed agents partner together to provide support after installation.

Areas where equipment is available for purchase

Direct CommunicationDirect Communication

CORES directly partners with the personnel in charge of implementation to understand key issues, and provide the best solutions and products. If you are experiencing issues, such as immediate mounting defects or seeking improvement in mounting quality over the medium to long term, please feel free to contact CORES directly.

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